Robot Editor

The simpliest way to create a trading robot.

What is a Trading Robot?

A trading robot is a tool that executes its own trading strategy automatically without any human intervention. A trading robot will open trading positions following its own strategy.

How does trading robots work with Binomatic?

Binomatic allows traders to create their own trading robots with a very easy interface. No coding knowledge is required in order to create a trading robot with Binomatic. It's enough to select the opening actions the robot should perform (BUY or SELL) and the charting timeframe to use, then assign technical indicators to those actions. According to the indicators selected and according to their settings the robot will then perform the requested actions. The same goes for closing actions such as STOP LOSS and STOP LIMIT.

How to create a trading robot?

Creating a trading robot with Binomatic is very simple:

  • Go to My Robots page and click on CREATE ROBOT, select the name you want to give to the robot and the currency pair it will trade and confirm.
  • The robot will appear in your list of robots, click on EDIT to configure the robot.
  • Select Margin Percent, Leverage, Max lose, actions such as BUY, SELL, STOP LOSS and STOP LIMIT, Timeframes, for each timeframes select one or more technical indicator and one or more Candle condition.
  • In real time the Backtest will perform and will show how would have perform the robot in the past.
  • When the configuration of the robot suits you, just click on SAVE to save the settings.
Once a trading robot is created it will appear in the My Robots listing. Any user can then use this robot for copy trading.