Compatible Exchanges

Binomatic is compatible with the best crypto exchanges.

What is a crypto exchange?

A crypto currency exchange is a platform where traders can buy or sell their crypto tokens.

How does Binomatic connects to crypto exchanges?

Crypto exchanges provide their users with an API tool. Using this API tool users can link their trading account to their Binomatic account.

How to link my trading account?

In order to link your trading account, you need to create an API access on your crypto exchange and get your API KEY and SECRET KEY.

Once you have created the API access, it is very simple to connect to Binomatic:

  • From the DASHBOARD click on EXCHANGE management, select your crypto exchange and click on CONNECT.
  • Enter your API KEY and your SECRET KEY and click on CONNECT
  • Binomatic is now linked to your trading account and can perform automated trades.