Copy Trading

The best way to trade without knowledge.

What is Copy Trading?

Copy trading is a tool that allows to reproduce manually or automatically the trades of another entity. This entity can either be a real trader person or a trading robot.

There are several forms of copy trading:

  • One of them would be a platform where traders can see other traders portofolios and can select the trades they want to copy, that would allow to copy specific trades selected manually.
  • Another would be a social platform where traders could chose to copy some specific other traders, that would allow to copy automatically all trades from those traders.
  • There are also other ways of practicing Copy Trading, all available online.
Binomatic has created a new way of doing copy trading. A social platform where traders can create trading robots and other traders can copy them.

How does Copy Trading work with Binomatic?

Binomatic is a kind of social trading robot platform where users can create trading robots and any other user can copy these trading robots. All trading robots are tracked since their inception and all trades taken are recorded. This allows to show the real performance of each robot even if it is not copied by someone.

How to start Copy Trading?

In order to start Copy Trading you need to link a trading account to your account on Binomatic. You can get a trading account on one of the compatible exchange like Binance for instance.

Once you have connected your trading account with Binomatic it is very simple to start copy trading:

  • Select the trading robot you want to copy and click on COPY.
  • Select the percentage of your total balance of money that you want to assign to this robot and confirm.
  • From the dashboard click on the ON/OFF button to activate the copy trading.